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A Long Time Ago

I love old photographs. I've just managed to get my hands on digital versions of these two photos of my grandparents, taken about ten years after the second world war ended.

Ironically, the photos were also taken in the same place. (Wied G─žomor, Malta)

Maternal Grandparents

Paternal Grandparents

Weren't they stunning? :)

I love the speed and ease of modern photography, but there was something so magical about photos taken back then. I imagine every photo to have been an event - the sort of thing you got dressed up for. I wonder what was going through their minds as they had their photos taken. I might just ask my Nannas :)


  1. :) How lovely and photogenic they were! I bet you feel proud! Daniel really looks like Nannu Harry and Louisa looks so much like Nannu Joe. God rest their souls. I miss them both soooooo much.
    Thanks for posting

  2. Lovely! That's fantastic that you've got nearly matching photos of both sets of grandparents!

  3. My God, Daniel is the splitting image of your grandfather, who also seems to be the source of the family nose hehe. It's very distinctive ;)

    I love old photos too, and I love how they're all suited up in the countryside!!

  4. Lol I know Kri! I've always known he resembled him but when I saw this pic yesterday I literally did a double-take!!

    Also right about the nose, *sigh* - it's a very 'strong' nose...

  5. omg! got a shiver down my spine seeing these. They ARE stunning especially the women. Your maternal grandmother especially.

    You're so lucky to have these:)

  6. I love the smart clothes people in the past used to wear to go out with their partners. So different from the scruffy clothes that most youngsters choose for a date nowadays.

  7. I ADORE grandparent photos! Loves it.