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One Summer's Day

Bekah, my niece

Wonderful day yesterday... Denise, James and Bekah came over and we BBQ'd and suntanned in the garden and later we went out onto the High Street to catch a glimpse of the Dickens Festival.

We had a short electricity cut this weekend and it reminded me of the days when we were young in Malta and electricity cuts were very normal. Denise and I would dress up and light candles and play 'olden days' (we were obsessed with Road to Avonlea... I'd still be if only I could find the full DVD set in Region 2!)... and then be disappointed when the lights came back on!

Our childhood was wonderful. Back when being suntanned was healthy, and we didn't need ultra-tecchie gadgets to keep us entertained. An old trunk mixed full of hand-me-down clothing and old carnival costumes kept us entertained for hours on end.


  1. so true... every kid I know has an phone, camera, ipod, etc... I used to loveee playing dress up with my mom's old clothes too!

  2. Heyyy! So excited! I haven't been on the blog all weekend, so I hadn't been able to check out the swap update, but so excited to get started. I just finished my first swap with Love and Photographs, and had tons of fun! Okay, I will be back to scour your blog for some ideas hehee :0)

  3. awh~ i sure miss the old days. where it's still safe to play hide and seek at 8pm.

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