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Meeting Hubby

Four years ago today, to the minute, if anyone had told me that I was about to meet a person who would change my life, I’d have laughed.

Four years ago tonight, I met someone who changed my life.

I’m not one to keep cinema tickets, but this one I’ve held on to - as corny as that may be... So many times I’ve meant to throw it out, and every time it gets kept.

Journal entry dated (the very early hours of) 7th June 2005:
Cora rescued me from the depths of a would-be depression (long story) tonight and we went to watch The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I'm not sure what I thought of it to be completely honest. It was interesting, to be sure. And I had the dolphin song stuck in my head for ages afterwards!!

We later went to McD for a snack, then to Fuego, then moved on to Paceville, where we met a drunken and very amusing Chris, and two friends of his, David and James. We didn't stay long, but I am now having an sms conversation with David. He apparently asked Chris for my number as soon as I texted Chris for it... interesting.
Dear Reader, welcome to the beginning of hubby and me ☺

Two days later, we had our first date. Amazing. But that same night I discovered he was returning to England two weeks later. But for some reason, the Clare who would normally have backed down and dropped everything there and then was strangely determined and confident. We spent every day of those two weeks together. A wonderful whirlwind.

Without going into details (because you all know how it turned out), we made it, and I have never been so glad about having been so darn hard-headed about something!

First ever photo of us together, at a fenkata in June 2005:

♥ Love you


  1. How super super adorable!! What a lovely story :) :)

  2. ♥love moves in mysterious ways...

  3. How romantic :) Happy anniversary :)

  4. aaaw thats lovely! congratulations on your anniversary. Hope you are both spoiling each other!

  5. Awww this is adorable... I am such a movie ticket keeper! So sweet and cute!

  6. Happy anniversary... I loved this post!

  7. Very cute! I wish you guys all the best in the world.

    I just stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to say it's great. I'm a new fan:)

  8. Its so you! Its so you both! Glad D has texted you and you texted back and such! We just e-mailed but it was good. HAPPY MANY ANNIVESARYies from M< J And R

  9. Awwwww...That is so sweet! You look great together and you have a "peaceful, happy" glow with each other. I'm happy for you! Happy anniversary!

  10. That really is so cute. You guys look really good together as well :-)

  11. You're an amazing writer. Keep em' coming.

  12. True Love keeps the world spinning! Congratulations on finding the one meant for you!

  13. My god, this is so wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Lovely story, it gave me goosebumbs! xoxo

  14. Such a sweet story. If I were to have written a blog about the day I met my bf of 3+ yrs, it would have looked more like this:
    "Met a cute guy tonight. He asked me out. I am so over dating - so told him I am not interested. Tried to convince him to date my little sister."

    Good thing he stayed persistent :)