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Party Planning for a Certain Almost 4-Year-Old!

Now that Christmas and festivities are over, my focus shifts onto Emily's birthday. Her party is a few short weeks away and planning is well under way. I am currently working on a playlist. Emily has a few favourite songs (All About That Bass, Bailando, Wait On Me, Fun Fun Fun, and last but far from least, Boom Clap) that went straight onto the list. I then asked for friends' suggestions and the list is now looking great, and what's best - Emily approves of it.

We've been testing it out in the kitchen.

Luna didn't join in. She just watched us and thought we were mad, as usual.

This is what the list currently looks like:

Oh, yeah!

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  1. Great choice of music! I love that you've included Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer because that is my absolute favourite song! Hope the party goes off well and that certain four year old has a wonderful time!