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Too Much

I sit back and watch my kids get spoiled. It's not a good feeling. It's not that feeling of satisfaction knowing that so many people love my children. It's too much. It's gluttony, it's confusion. I seem to spend the year clearing out toys they never use, only to get to Christmas to fill up any space I've finally claimed, and watch them flit from one toy to the next because there's just so much, too much, to allow them to focus on one thing alone for any amount of time.

And so I find myself making a decision. There will not be a neverending amount of gifts under the tree next year. Family members and friends will only be "permitted" one gift for each child. Santa might be allowed two. (I'll have to think about that.)

I am of course grateful for gifts. People are kind, and generous. But I'm not being cruel, I believe I'm being kind. I believe my children be better children for it. They may even play more, ask to watch television less, be more focused, appreciate more.

This was a good Christmas. It was the best Christmas in all the Christmases we've spent away from family. And I believe next Christmas will be even better.


  1. I know what you mean, we have similar here. We don't buy lots but when you add it to the other gifts we get from friends and family it turns Into too much. I let ours open it all, anything they don't show particular interest in I hide away to play with later in the year, using those toys fornrewards etc.

  2. I think you're right Clare. The temptation is there to spoil our kids but it doesn't do any good. By cutting down a bit on Christmas they will learn to really value their toys as well as the things that matter. I think I will do the same with my son, particularly as my in-laws' home is overrun by their youngest's toys. I don't want to encourage this and end up in the same position where I'm fighting for space!

  3. I agree!
    I get quietly frustrated each year with the amount of gifts my parents buy my children. They have more from them than they do from me.
    I know they wouldn't care either, as my 4 year old was happy with just the couple of token bits in his stocking. And the things that are being played with are the things the things they asked for. Small a shopping till and big lego, which were there main gifts from me/Santa