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Baby Bollywood

There's a particular episode of Everything's Rosie that Emily really loves. All other episodes have been forgotten - this is the one she'll watch over and over again. It's called Around the World in a Day. I've linked to it there but in short, it's the one where Rosie and her friends give their friend the tree a taste of other countries right there on his hill. They demonstrate Africa, Australia, India and there may be a couple more.

What Emily loves is the bit about India. And when I say she loves it, she really loves it. "Eagerly anticipates it, jumps off the sofa to dance, huge smile on her face" loves it.

I have evidence.

So today, (with a lot of luck because finding a DVD is currently a bit like a lucky dip) I put on Bride and Prejudice. Now before you all pounce on me about it being rated 12PG, I know, and I fast-forwarded through most of the movie.

But the dancing.... it was so worth the whizzing through the movie. She loved it, talked about it for the rest of the afternoon, told her Daddy about it when he got home, and I am sure we'll be whizzing through it all again tomorrow.

Maybe I'll take her on a little trip around the world culturally through dance and music and craft. I'm open to any other country suggestions!


  1. Arwwwww, bless her! That's sooooo cute!!!!! *heart melts* haha

  2. She looks so grown up! She also has cute is she?! Claire you have done an amazing job....look how happy you all are! Mx

    1. She has amazing rhythm, you should hear her sing! xxx