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Kickstarting Summer

We've been planning this first swim of the year for weeks now. Every time we hoped it would happen, it was windy or one of us was unwell or something else cropped up that put an end to our plans. But last weekend - despite Emily's leaking nose which we are convinced is down to her very last milk teeth emerging - we went for it. By hook or by crook, we were going to get into that water.

It was still cold. But true to our word, we got in. Even Emily came in... for two minutes.

She then sat herself by the side of the pool and took it upon herself to keep David and myself well "hydrated".

There was a conversation that went like this.

Emily: *splashes me*
Me: *splashes her back*
Emily: NOOOOOO Mummy! Don't splash me!
Me: That's not very fair - you're splashing me, why can't I splash you too?
Emily: Noooo, I splash you, you don't splash me! *splashes me*
Me: *squeal*
Emily: It's OK Mummy, it's just water!

Little cow.

Adam slept through most of the fun. And when he did wake up we took mercy on him
and didn't subject him to the cold water... not just yet.

We'll be doing it all over again next weekend. Summer is officially here. 


  1. Haha, a cunning little tot!

    Lovely photos!

    S :) xx

  2. LOVE that picture of you two in the pool. She looks like you there. ;)