The End

This blog is now closed. The story continues over on Flip Flops and Flying Carpets.

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Last Saturday, I brought the gifts out of their hiding place (it wasn't much of a hiding place to begin with, they were just out of Emily's sight) and put them under the tree. Emily hadn't shown much interest in the tree so I thought it would be safe.

And I can't say I was wrong... as long as Missy E is kept an eye on. She did however try and get her dangerous little fingers on the gifts. Everyone's gifts. Here is how it happened.

Attempt Number 1 (as caught on camera)
"I've figured it out... Wait till Mummy's not looking, then ransack the pressies!"

*note the guilty facial expression*

Attempt Number 2
The next day she really lost her cool and began making mad dashes for the tree in plain sight. Sorry baby, no matter how fast you are, I'm faster.

Attempt Number 3
"If I just hang out in the vicinity of the tree, looking innocent, Mummy won't be suspicious..."

Attempt Number 4
"Maybe if I take some toys with me it will look less conspicuous?"

Attempt Number 5
"A-ha! I'll pretend it's just the ribbon I'm after..."

... later ...

Maybe it was just the ribbon she wanted (not surprising, seeing as how she has no idea what's under the wrapping!) That, or she's just given up and is making do with her spoils of war. Sunday is going to be FUN! :)

PS. My sight is back baby! :D

PSS. Emily now has a blog! Check it out!


  1. :-D This post made me smile. Btw, I love the new blog and am following it. G and I were discussing yesterday ways of documenting the girls' childhood after seeing this advert for Chrome:

  2. I know the ad you mean without even needing to click the link! It's been on tv here for a while... brings a tear to my eye every time. The only reason I haven't done that (too) is because I dread to imagine the amount of spam that would pile up in there by the time she is old enough to access and appreciate it! x