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Weekend with the Girls

Spent a few precious days with two of my bestest friends last weekend. They popped over from Malta for a flying visit (made shorter by a misunderstanding on the part of the taxi company who caused them to get to my house three hours later than planned), but it was an excellent weekend. Some highlights:

1. Emily pointing at things and saying "pretty." Everything she likes is now pretty. Daddy is pretty, the walrus in her bath book is pretty, her milk is pretty. You get the picture.

2. A much anticipated girlie dinner.

3. A (quite hilarious) Fruit Ninja marathon.


  1. I enjoyed myself lots, and again thank you for the opportunity to bond with your adorable daughter. I miss her like crazy already!! Hope I get to see you all soon. Might be visiting close to the end of January, but will be further north, if I do.


  2. It was lovely to watch (the bonding :)). Love you plenty xxx