The End

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The Evening

As Emily takes over most of our evenings, time that David and I spend together has taken on a very new style. Tonight, while I relax and type while drinking the very rare glass of wine, David dances Emily to sleep (we hope) to the sound of Five for Fighting once again. He's so great with her. We sing together and our eyes meet across the room in silent laughter, hope, celebration when Emily's eyelids become slowly but obviously heavier. Sleep might be close. We may have a bit of an evening after all.


  1. Yes, a new season in your lives together... One which will bless you forever.

  2. I keep reading your blog, now officially addicted to it. :)

  3. Oh my goodness, I just love love love this! I can definitely relate. Last night we watched Casablanca while my husband slowly walked around the room, getting Aveline to sleep. Lovely. =)