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A Pint of Milk

Sometimes, amidst all the crap that life throws our way, there comes a moment of goodness. Pure, old fashioned goodness.

Like when a young boy bumps into you on a pavement and takes the time to turn around and apologise. How often do you get that anymore?

Or like our taxi driver, who picked us up from the airport after a week away, and thought to bring along a carton of milk in a cooler for us to take home. Paranoid, given-up-on-society me had a discreet panic attack when she asked whether we were going home to an empty house. All sorts of things crossed my mind, why would she be asking? It turned out to be about a pint of milk, handed to us as we got out of the car.

"Have yourselves a cuppa and wind down," she said.

Operation NICE comes to mind. If only these little niceties cropped up more often...


  1. That is SO sweet :) I LOVE it when people prove my jaded self wrong. What a lovely gesture x

  2. wow, that's amazing! i don't think there are a lot of people as nice as her left but still, to know that they do exist is comforting.

  3. Oh I so approve!! :D

    It's nice to know people like this still exist :)

    Hope you had a lovely holiday pupa xxx

  4. You don't get to meet such nice people very often nowadays!

  5. How wonderfully kind! I love when things like this happen.