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No-Bake Sweets

This evening we had an "International Ladies' Neighbours Evening", which I hosted. We didn't all know eachother and thought we should, so five of us met up and it was really lovely. I wanted to prepare some goodies and I thought of my Nanna's Chocolate Coconut balls. These sweets have been present at possibly every special occasion I remember since I was born. They're the simplest things to make, so I thought I'd share. No cooking involved!

What you need is:
- A packet of biscuits (Digestives usually)
- A large can of sweetened condensed milk (less 3 tbsp)
- 125g margarine, melted
- 7 tbsp dessicated coconut + some extra for topping
- 7 tbsp cocoa powder


Be sure to put the packet of biscuits into a plastic bag securely sealed before attempting this or you'll end up with more biscuit over your floor than anywhere else. Try to make sure there are no solid pieces left, you might need to sift through the crumbs with your hands to get it done.

Then, mix it all together.

Once it's properly mixed up, pour it onto a sheet of foil (it won't be too hard, it'll generally fall out of the bowl in a blob) and put into the fridge overnight - or for as long as possible - to settle.

The next day, sit yourself down with a pair of clean, jewellery-free hands, a plate of dessicated coconut, and the plate where you plan to present these beauties.

Get rolling (each one approx 1 inch), coat each ball with coconut and place on the plate. Your hands WILL get messy, but it washes off easily.



I'll be taking some in to work tomorrow too... I can't possibly allow myself to eat the amount of chocolate there is currently in the house... or could I?

[Photos are off my phone: apologies for the quality!]


  1. Yummo! They look like chocolate-rum balls we make in Australia - soo good!

  2. Thank you, something for me to try :)

  3. Those look really nice :) And seeing The Gourmet Traveller's comment above, yes I would probably add some rum to them to give them a bit of a kick Mmmmm!

  4. Haha yeah many people have mentioned the rum. I suspect it was left out of the recipe that was handed down to me simply because it was used for children's parties!!

  5. yes, please!! i am definitely making these for our next get together!

  6. Oh I just love these. I think it was the first recipe that I was allowed to try when I was a kid. They are so simple and yet so goody!!

  7. i want to try this right NOW! looks absolutely delicious