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The Saturdays had the greatest fun...

When my sister, Denise, and I were at school, we learnt poems off by heart. Denise was far better at it than I was. She still remembers most of those poems to this very day. A while back, one particular poem that we really loved popped into my head. But, typically, I could only remember the first line and couldn't for the life of me find it anywhere online.

I emailed it to Denise, and asked her to continue it. Within minutes, I had the entire poem in my inbox (although she claims she's forgotten the fifth paragraph). Whenever I read it, it makes me smile, and I thought I'd share it with you today. I wonder if any of you have ever heard it..?


The Saturdays' Party in Fairyland
M. C. Davies

All the Saturdays met one day
Each was very polite they say;
They shook each other by the hand
And had a party in fairyland.

They wouldn't let any Mondays in
And not one Tuesday at all could win
Her way past the supercilious crowd.
And Wednesdays - why they weren't allowed!

Thursdays could only stand in the street
And look through the door at the things to eat,
And the Fridays and Sundays pretended they
Didn't like parties anyway.

But the Saturdays had the greatest fun!
They played hopskotch and run-sheep-run,
And frog-in-the-meadow and pull-away,
And all the games they wanted to play.

And after they'd played and played and played
They had pink straws in their lemonade.
And the cookies and tarts were like a dream,
And all the Saturdays had ice cream!

I'd my doubts when I heard and you'll have yours,
But strange things happen on foreign shores,
And they say the best fĂȘte ever planned
Was the Saturday's party in fairyland.

Have a wonderful Saturday! x

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  1. I haven't heard it before, but that's cute! I love poetry. :)

  2. So sweet! My intention is to have a lovely, relaxing Saturday, and I hope you have one as well!

  3. What a lovely poem! so ethereal and magical :)

    one poem I can still remember was 'Jim who ran away from his nurse and got eaten by a lion' - a bit morbid for 9-10 year olds but it's the one that stuck :P

  4. Lolol - I dont remember that one! That's one way of teaching kids not to run away, huh? ;) x

  5. I have never heard this poem, but I love it! I think I will save it and some day in the far far distant future, I will share it with my little girl. {But that will be in like 15 years when we decide to have kids. :) }