The End

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...and then I looked out the window at 17.00 and realised the sky had a glow to it that wasn't there at the same time of day just a week ago. The days are starting to lengthen and that fills me with hope. Every year, the moment I realise the days are lengthening - even just a little bit, something magical happens. It never fails.
It's that quiet feeling called Perfection.


  1. You know, I get that feeling too when the days are longer. There is a feeling of excitement in the air, anticipation, hope. A new beginning.Beautiful!!

  2. The winter tends to get me down in its last weeks.. and I totally agree, a bit of warm sunshine touching my skin, a beautiful sunset, birds chirping, really get your spirit up again.

  3. I just had this same conversation with Becky.. isn't it great!!! I love longer days :)