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My Ode to Winter

In the shower, I love to stand under running water that is far too hot to be safe. It feels like a blanket wrapped around me and if I could postpone turning the water off for hours, I would. Then clothes that have been warmed over the radiator. Dress up so warm that the cold cannot get to me when it wraps around me as I step out of the house - save for my cheeks, turning rosy in the cold - a feeling that wakes me up and makes me feel so alive that even if it's just for one moment, everything is just perfectly... perfect ♥

perfectly, cgw


  1. I wish I loved winter! I always bring my clothes in the bathroom with me so they get toasty, too.

  2. I love this! I am just the same! just a little bit of the crispness after warming up so much..
    great post

  3. I do the exact same things! I let my jeans get so warm that the little buttons sting a bit because they are so hot :)
    In answer to your headband question, I hide two bobby pins at the base of my neck to hold the headband in place. The ones that go completely around your head are harder to deal with, so I just pin them!

  4. ooh that jeans-button getting too hot - i do that too! it happens with some jewellery too when i hold my hands over a heater for too long! ouch!