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Gentle Fawn

Today was the bathroom's turn for a make over. We chose Gentle Fawn. The idea was for it to be subtle but bring out the stone colour of the tiles.

Another afternoon closed up in a room, just the paint and me. Within 30 minutes I was high on the thing and had no escape. I wanted to finish it, today.

Alas, the colour turned out to be a bit darker than we anticipated. It is verging on pink.

...I know, I was shocked too. Admittedly, it lightens as it dries so ask me again in a few hours. But if we ever have a baby girl, the bathroom can be her room. It's already painted right... a few teddy bears here and there, she can sleep in the bath.

So as I sit here, sipping my beer (the paint jobs must be doing something to my testosterone levels... I've been craving beer for two hours now and boy does it taste good!) & desperately needing a shower (my fingernails are encrusted with paint - I detest rubber gloves), I can think only of the reaction my father will have when he sees my handiwork.

All those years of patiently putting up with little me 'helping' as he did up the house, and I still can't paint a straight line to save my life. Sure, the rest is great... but those lines, oh those lines! (Note how I haven't posted a picture of the ceiling area. Oh no, I have way too much pride for that. I'll let you all tell me how amazing and professional it looks... you won't be seeing the edging and detail.)

My dad will. And he'll have a fit.

I do, however, feel the need to thank him for something other than passing his skills on to me (although debatable, of course). He taught me to always clear up right after I've finished doing something. I take this for granted and only today did I actually acknowledge where it came from. When we finished painting a room (or anything else for that matter), there'd always be that extra stage afterwards - the 'not really fun bit' - the cleaning up stage.

This 'skill' has translated to other areas of my life as I grew up. Cooking, leisure, DIY, what have you. I always clear up right away and I can't imagine being any other way! And for instilling that in me, as insignificant as it may have seemed at the time, I thank you Daddy :)

Ps: I get the crooked lines from my mother ;)


  1. very nice! You did make me giggle! At least you have done it all yourself. Imagine how much it would cost to get in someone to do it and well as straight lines concerned let me tell you....sometimes its better to be a bit fun then straight! So enjoy...and pinkish bathrooms are long as they don;t go AVOCADO! ....well done enjoy!

  2. ha ha at least you do some paint jobs :) I ve never painted walls before. The colour looks good though.

  3. Thanks for the laugh this morning! :P I checked out the original colour on the Dulux website and you're right, there supposedly isn't even a hint of pink. How did it dry out in the end?

  4. lol you still sound high in this post! *giggle*

    Can't wait to see your handiwork pupa, it's only a matter of days now xxx

  5. Yes you definately did save quite a bit doing it yourself, and well if you cant paint in straight lines then thats what masking tape is for, so no worries :-)
    I always make that mistake too, forgetting that in smaller rooms colours look darker, and i ended up with a light brown (looked purple) and sage green (looked bright neon green) walls!

  6. I actually really like the colour. (Although my screen at work is weird and doesn't display colours correctly...)

    And after having done some hard work, a beer is the best!!

  7. the end result (dry) is closer to the shade I wanted it to be. still a hint of pink, but more stone than pink. so i can't really complain :)

  8. Is it really your work? WOW!!!! it look like a pro. painter who did that.
    You know when i painted my mom's newly buy dog cage, my mom kick me out in the house because she said i ruined it.. but for me that's really a work of art.. :-)
    Im jpvill im just following your blog for awhile i hope you like to see mine, thanks

  9. dudette, have you seen the lines on my walls? hahaha, i have green smudges all along the edges. but that was mostly ashes and beccs fault... they were 'helping' you see ^^

  10. lol - meaning that if it were just you, there'd be no smudges, huh? :P x


  11. Was just re-reading some old posts and came across this, lol:

    "But if we ever have a baby girl, the bathroom can be her room. It's already painted right... a few teddy bears here and there, she can sleep in the bath."

    :) Good job you went with a nursery instead :P