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Dear Adam, You're One!

Dearest Adam

So much to say. So many moments I'd like to freeze frame. So many looks, smiles, giggles, the feel of your soft, golden curls. You are the happiest baby I've ever met. Your smile is contagious, you bring joy everywhere you go. You love giving hugs, you curl in and snuggle against my chest, head laid gently on my shoulder. You throw kisses, when you fancy it. You give us high fives, and then laugh with pride at this major accomplishment. Your twirling feet are never quiet, your hands always clapping, waving, pointing.

Your favourite things are wheels, shoes, climbing stairs, turning on the tv (but not watching it), the washing machine (which you call "ra ra" because it goes round and round), eating bananas, and drinking as much water as an elephant probably does. Mickey Mouse, birds, cats and fish make you go several levels of crazy, you just adore them too.

We can barely remember a day without you, little boy. I know your sister certainly can't. You have completed our little family and made us all so much happier. I hope your giggle never fades and that you're always as ready to cuddle as you are now.

This year will bring big things. You'll soon walk, you'll talk, you'll discover a new home (again), you'll make new friends, see new places. You'll get taller, no doubt. Do it all, but don't do it too fast. Your first year has gone by way too quickly and I want to absorb as much of your second year as is humanly possible.

I love you, monkey boy. More than you could ever imagine.

Mummy xxx


  1. Happy Birthday, Adam :)

    I think having a baby on the first day of Spring was a very good idea ;)

    1. LOL, not that I had much control over it...but I was very pleased to have a Spring baby :)

  2. Happy birthday Adam! You charmed your way to my heart when we met and I'm sure you'll do the same with all those you meet (the ladies, especially). x

  3. "monkey boy" :D. he is awesomely cute,

    1. :-) thank you (He really is just like a little monkey!!)