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Fresh Perspective

Things are really mad around here at the moment. We move in a few days and the flat is far from packed. But we'll get there.

However, while taking a break from it all I wanted to stop by and say something. Two weeks ago, two people who are very important to me visited from the UK. They were here for a fleeting visit, just two days. But they loved it. They enjoyed themselves and they loved Malta and the slow island pace. There was talk of them coming back next Summer with their families.

But since they visited, something interesting has happened. My perspective has altered. It's as though I could finally see Malta through a fresh pair of eyes. And it's helped immensely. Six months after our move back to Malta, I no longer hate it. Sure, it frustrates the hell out of me sometimes, but sometime during the last few weeks, the war ended.

I am finally able to properly appreciate lots of good things about living here, despite of and along with its quirks. And as a result, daily life has become significantly less frustrating.

And even if there was nothing else, who could complain about this...

Not a cloud in sight for days on end. (Yeah, I forgot to snap a piccie on Tuesday!)

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  1. Glad you're settling there more now, the visit and the house etc will have probably helped a lot. Like you say seeing things through other peoples eyes often helps you to appreciate what you have x