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When a Rainbow Makes a Promise

Our last holiday in Malta was less than wonderful. A lot less. We got home feeling so stressed, I didn't want to consider going back anytime soon. The fact that we had already booked our December flights was not a great feeling. So when I uploaded our holiday photos onto Facebook back in October, I joked about a picture of a rainbow I took when we arrived at the airport. I said that the rainbow was there to reassure me that next visit would be better.

We flew out on Boxing Day. I was already not pleased about this as I wanted to be at home on Boxing Day, to be able to soak up any left over Christmasness and not have to pack on Christmas Day itself, and for Emily to have some more time to enjoy her new toys. We initially wanted to fly out on the 27th but when we booked flights, the 27th was £400 more expensive than the 26th was, so really there wasn't much to consider. We booked the 26th and I dreaded it each time I thought of it.

On the morning of the 26th, we set out a bit too late and almost missed our flight. I had already written off the holiday and just wanted to go back home. But we made it and it was actually an excellent flight and Emily napped well. Things started looking a bit more positive.

When we landed, the weather in Malta was awful. Grey and rainy. But once we got out of the plane, the sun came out. And there, again, was a rainbow. Call me silly but at that moment, smiling to myself, I thought that maybe it was true: this holiday would be better.

Oh it most certainly was!


  1. You too were considering stopping blogging?! Don't! I love reading your blog and would miss you terribly. Glad you had a good holiday. Oh and Emily looks DARLING in that photo! I can't believe how much she's changed!

  2. Why do you want to stop blogging? That's a really cute pic:D

  3. I love Emily's wave :) Little sweetheart xxx

  4. My Muse and I have had a few disagreements :) Plus, it's been very quiet here on my blog lately... it's felt a bit like I've been talking to myself, which doesn't help. But things are looking a bit better already in both senses so here's to blogging through 2012 and further! :) xx