The End

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I knew, when I got pregnant, there would be lots of baby shopping to be done. I knew that once Emily was around, I would magically find myself in the baby section in every shop that has one, whether or not I went in meaning to end up there. And I knew I'd need to hold myself back from buying everything. Often.

And I do well. I've been very practical so far. I only buy clothing that I know I am comfortable having her in. I try and ensure she doesn't have a gazillion pairs of trousers that she'll never wear simply because they're cute. And when there's something I truly can't resist but I know that her current wardrobe is not missing anything, then I buy a size up (or in one case, because it was very much a summer item, I ended up getting it in a size 18 months...)

But there has been one thing that I have found myself losing my practicality brain cell over.


There is something, just something, about blankets, that I love. It may be the fact that Emily can never actually grow out of them, although there are some that a 20 year old may, perhaps, not be able to get away with. It might be a spin-off from my airline blanket kleptomania. It may just be a whimsical, nonsensical thing. But blankets are my weakness (and no, I don't steal them).

Cotton blankets, fluffy blankets, plain, patterned, even cellular blankets. Pink, cream, and even blue blankets. It makes no difference. They can't escape me.

Some of my current favourites:
Meadow Blanket - No Added Sugar
Starry Night Velour and Jersey Pram Blanket - Babies R Us
Baby K Knitted Blanket - Mothercare
Made With Love Woven Blanket - Mamas & Papas
Cotton Baby Blanket - Not on the High Street
Blossom Jersey Blanket - John Lewis

(The title of this post, Naa, is the name of the blanket that belonged to one of my little sisters. It was that blanket that she took everywhere, used winter and stifling hot summer, and wouldn't allow into the washing machine. She called it Naa because it was her way of saying "Nice", and her blanket certainly was that - in her eyes, anyway.)


  1. At 21 she still sleeps with Naa. Funnily enough that was actually yours but somehow you weren't particularly fond of it. Then when Steffe came along nannu used to wrap her in it. The rest is history lol.

  2. !!! I can't believe she still uses it!

    I'd love to get my hands on it now, but not even going to try lol. Is the blue/white dolphin one still around? x

  3. I had a blanket I slept with until I was 21! - I think we both know I love my kids clothes shopping lol