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My Pact with the Snow

It's snowing in the UK. And typically, everything has ground to a halt. Trains are majorly delayed, most deliveries have been cancelled, even the postman never turned up today. You'd think that after the amount of snow that fell last winter, and the lack of grit and readiness generally (anyone in Canada, Eastern Europe and other snow-ready countries, you may mock), things would be better this time round. But instead, things have ground to a halt even earlier. My guess is that the powers that be simply woke up, looked out of the window, saw snow, and said "Well, it's all going to fall apart at some point anyway - why bother?" Lovely.

Having said that, no personal plans have yet been cancelled (tomorrow will be a different story, I suspect). And although many people might curse me, I've quietly asked the snow to steer clear of late January/early February. Going into labour and being snowed in are not two things that ideally go together in my book, so if it really must snow, I'd greatly appreciate it getting it all out of its system now.

I know the snow can hear me.

Pictured is Zack, the younger of my neighbours' sons. I wandered over and took some photos while they were out playing in the snow. I so love this shot!


  1. Great photo! I was actually a little sad I could make it to work today... it's nice to have a snow day to play in it!

  2. Zack is sooooo adorable!!

  3. Yap my lovely son so adorable...thank you so very much. What a huge difference a good camera makes and off course hands that know what to do with the picture. Mxx

  4. So glad you liked the snaps! x

    Gourmet Traveller - there's still chance for that to happen haha x

  5. Love this picture of little Zack! Soon it will be miss Emily looking precious in a fuzzy suit!

  6. Aah can't wait! It's getting so exciting now! :D