The End

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Flashback to '94

Last night as David and I were getting into bed, 7 Seconds by Youssou N'Dour and Neneh Cherry played on the radio. For a few seconds, I was back in summer 1994, in the Honda Shuttle (when it was still quite new!), my dad driving and my mother in the passenger seat, with the five of us dozing on the back seat as we drove home from Mellieha. A 7- or 8-month old Chrissy in the childseat in the middle of the backseat, like a throne. And on either side of her, me and Denise with one of Steffy or Daniel on our laps. Mine and Denise's heads resting on the window ledge (because we were short enough for that to be comfortable). I remember pretending to be asleep just enjoying the wind blowing against my face in a quiet car on a dark night. I was 11. We had wonderful childhood summers.

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